​PageantFest Productions


Pageant Fest Productions

Owner/Director of PageantFest Productions: Mallory Davis

PageantFest hosts 3 pageants each year.  

  • Faces of PageantFest
  • Summer National (full total package Glitz)
  • Christmas (full total package Glitz

The total cost of each of the Pageants is $295.  Sibling discounts are applied.  ($100.00 off of sibling package)

​Each contestant will receive at least 4 gifts each no matter where they place. we want them all to know they did amazing. There are no armbands to Purchase. No extra door titles, all of your titles are included. 

Age Groups:                                                                                  

0-23 Months

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years

6 Years

7 Years

8 Years

9/10 Years

11/12 Years

13/15 Years

16/up Years

The Winning categories are:

Elite: (Winning $1,000.00 CASH)

(Must Have 25 Contestants in Supreme Group)

Boys Elite

Girls 0 - 2 Elite

Girls 3 - 4 Elite

​Girls 5 - 8 Elite

Girls 9 - 12 Elite

​Girls 13 - Up Elite

​(Reserve the right to combine groups)

All other Supreme Catergories


Girls 0 - 2

Girls 3 - 4

Girls 5 - 8

Girls 9 - 12

​Girls 13-Up

From Supreme

Grand (Winning $500 Cash)

Mini (Winning $250 Cash)

Dream Doll

Living Doll

Level 1 Ultimate Grand Supreme  *NEW*

Level 2 Ultimate Grand Supreme *NEW*

Natural Face Supreme 

PageantFest Supreme

Beauty Supreme

​Pro Supreme * NEW*

Novice Supreme

From Each Age Division:

Age Division Supreme

Age Division Queen

1st Alternate

2nd Alternate

3rd Alternate

Each child is scored as follows:

​25% First Impression

25% Facial​

​25% Personality/Confidence

25% Overall Appearance and Attire (Hair/MakeUp/How well put together they are/How well their clothes fit)

We reserve the right to split or combine age groups as needed. Additional titles are added if groups are split.

​*Anyone that makes a paypal claim/Dispute will be banned from ALL PageantFest Productions. And will be added to the beware list for All directors to see.