Age Groups


0-23 Months

​2- 3 Years

4-6 Years

7-10 Years

13-15 Years


0-23 Months

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years

6 Years

7 Years

8 Years

​9-10 Years

11-12 Years

​13-15 Years




​- Natural Beauty $75    - Red Carpet interview  $65 - Photo Jackpots  -Face Stage Event Jackpots  -Natural Stage Event Jackpots

​Red carpet interview is a one of a kind Interview experience, you will walk onto a red carpet just like the superstar you are. A host will be waiting to ask you a few fun questions. The judges will just be observing and scoring accordingly. This is a fun laid back event. It is immediately after Face Beauty on Saturday in your Beauty dress. parents are allowed to video and take pictures during this event only. Scoring is 75% Facial Beauty and 25% Personality (Answers are not scored)

​Photo Jackpots: (Judged by supreme breakdown) 

​*$50 per Category this price includes 2 photos in each category*

​- Glitz      -Natural      -Comp Card      -Stage Shot       -Print Model        - Black and White

​Face Stage event Jackpots: (Judged By AGE Division)

​*$25 each/ 4 for $75/ all 7 for $150*

​- Most Beautiful/Most Handsome                 - Best Smile                  - Best Personality

​- Best Dress/Best Dressed                               - Best Hair

​- Best Casual Wear                                         - Best Eyes

​Natural Friday night Stage Event Jackpots: (Judged by Division)

​*$25 Each/ 3 for $50/ all 6 for $125*

​- Most Beautiful/Most Handsome               - Best Hair

- Best Dress/ Best Dressed                            - Best Eyes

​- Best Smile                                                 - Best Personality 

 ​Hotel Information

​       Ramada Pigeon Forge South and Convention center - Rate is $79 -  Call 1-800-523-3919 for PageantFest Faces

​    They will need the first night for deposit but will refund it if you need to cancel, must be 48 hours in advance. 


75% Facial Beauty      25% Personality 

​​FFaces Of PageantFest 

March 2-4 2018

Entries for Faces of PageantFest will be taken on January 2, 2018

​​​PageantFest Productions


​Mega Elite $2,000.00 CASH        (Must have 100 contestants to award the cash for this title)

​Elite $1,000.00 CASH  (Must have 20 in the Supreme breakdown to award the cash for this title)

​Grand $500.00 Cash (Must have 10 in the supreme breakdown to award the cash for this title)

​Mini $250.00 Cash (Must have 5 in the supreme breakdown to award the cash for this title)

Dream Doll

​Living doll

Majestic Supreme 

Level 1 Ultimate Grand Supreme

Level 2 Ultimate Grand Supreme

PageantFest Supreme

Beauty Supreme

Pro Supreme

​Novice Supreme

Division Supreme


1st, 2nd, 3rd Alternate (Will receive crown)

Princess (Will Receive a Crown) 

what is included in your $250 package???

​EVERY SINGLE TITLE (we never add extra titles at the door), Both Stage events Saturday, Unlimited family and friends door entries, at least 4-5 amazing gifts, the best of the best after party with dj Jessica, and your 2018 faces of pageantfest crowning t-shirt! 

​        Who will be our  FIRST Faces of PageantFest          MEGA ELITE $2,000.00 CASH WINNER???

​PageantFest PayPal is :

​PageantFest Entry Email is:

​When you turn in your Entries on January 2nd Please add the following

​-Childs Name

​-Childs Age (As of March 2nd 2018)

-Child Birthday

​-Childs T-shirt size

​-Parents Name

​At Pageantfest Productions we reserve the right to combine groups as needed. Pageantfest packages are non refundable and non transferable. We reserve the right to disqualify those not following the rules *talking to judges before sundays crowning, taking videos and photos in the ballroom, showing unsportsman like behavior (against anyone including your own contestant)  

Girls PageantFest Package $250.00

​Boys PageantFest Package $150.00 


All stage events are 90 seconds each.

Our stage size is a full size 16x24 stage

 Practicing is only allowed on stage after you compete registration. Please do not make a mess of the judges tables. and the ballroom. you will be given a pass to be able to be on the stage to practice once you complete registration. 

Supreme Breakdown


All boys for Supreme Titles                                                          


0-2 Years    3-4 Years   5-8 Years    9-12 Years   13-Up

What is Faces of PageantFest??

​Faces of PageantFest is like all other pageantfest except it is based on 75% Facial Score and 25% Personality! No modeling scores and no attire scores. you can still wear your normal glitz attire and normal glitz hair and makeup and tan, but the only thing scored is face and personality.  You may also choose to wear your Face attire or an off the rack dress. Those are all fine, as they will not be scored except for jackpots and those are OPTIONAL. 

​Natural Beauty is still optional and on Friday night, It still has the same rules 

Natural Rules for Friday:

​0-3 Light powder, Clear Mascara, Clear lip Gloss

​4-8 Light Foundation, Light powder, Mascara, lip Gloss

​9-12 Light foundation, light powder, light blush, Mascara, Lip gloss

​13-Up Light Foundation, Light Powder, Light Blush, VERY light eye shadow, Mascara, Lip gloss and color

​​No hair pieces. (Extensions are ok )

​Tan is ok, Nails are ok, just looking for soft simple NATURAL look.  

​Casual Wear

​Casual Wear can be anything you choose. Custom Made or off the rack. Past Faces have been more of a Spring theme.  Have fun with it. but keep it casual and not ooc.  

Congratulations Madison Brewer Our First Mega Elite Christmas PageantFest 2017